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Based in Santa Ana, CA, Invisalign and Braces in Orange County is a premier orthodontic practice completely devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile as well as specializing in Invisalign DentistryWe utilize conservative, state-of-the-art techniques and procedures that will give you a gorgeous and long-lasting smile.  Our staff includes an exceptional team of dental professionals, along with our incredible nurses and assistants.

Our high standard of quality enables us to provide the Invisalign Orange County orthodontic services you deserve.  We administer comprehensive treatment plans to all of our patients to help them achieve their optimal dental health and appearance.  In the event of a dental emergency, we arrange for your instant care.

Today and Tomorrow

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay on top of all of our treatments and our communication with our patients.  During your consultation, we will take the time to assess any preexisting dental conditions you may have.  We will make sure we are aware of all of your dental goals and desires in order to provide you with the best course of action and all the information you need to get there.

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Invisible Clear Braces


Invisalign near me can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Invisible clear braces, nobody can tell.

Six in 6

Six in 6

The Orthodontic Center of Orange County offers an affordable and effective method to get your best smile in six months.

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Cosmetic Braces

Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces. Proven orthodontic techniques for invisible & incognito braces.

Regular Braces

Regular Braces

Regular braces are made of top quality stainless steel are the most popular form of braces used today.

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6 Common Types of Bite Problems

While everyone is born with different genes and genetics, often times environmental factors can come into play when baby teeth are growing in and can impact the alignment of the teeth. Below is a list of 6 different bite problems that children and even adults can have before corrective Orthodontic treatment:
  1. Overbites
Overbites are one of the most common bite problems in children and adults. An overbite is oftentimes caused by the shape and size of the individual’s jaw or teeth. If the jaw has too little or too much space in between the teeth, it can cause major problems and even cause crowding. When an overbite is severe enough it can cause irreparable damage to the teeth, including; jaw pain, tooth decay/cavities, gum disease, worn tooth enamel, sleep apnea, severe headaches, discomfort when eating or opening/closing mouth, and difficulty speaking. Invisalign dentistry is one way to combat an overbite with our orthodontists Invisalign Orange County.

Why Pick Invisalign and Braces in OC

Here in Invisalign and Braces in OC, we want to help you in every way possible but most importantly by helping you get the smile of your dream. That’s why we provide many options to choose from when it comes to how you want to achieve the smile you want. We have many orthodontists who specialize and are highly trained in braces and Invisalign bringing you a team you can trust. We also offer flexible appointment hours to fit your busy schedule and budget-friendly payment plans to help make treatment affordable. Our Invisalign treatment is also the highest quality Invisalign in Orange County and can get your smile back without any need for braces or metal wires. Our braces are also an alternative option that is just as fast and great as Invisalign.

Braces Near Me

Are you or your family in need of braces? Then you will be glad to know that we offer the best braces near me treatment in Santa Ana.


Orange Braces

We believe in an ongoing, long-term relationship with our patients, and our team is committed to providing the best care possible. If you’re looking for Orange braces, we’re your best option for competitively priced and comfortable orthodontics. You deserve a healthy smile, so contact us today!

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